Lisa-Marie Walker (Calgary)

I teach Core Connexion Dance because it brings a new aliveness to my system. I become more connected to my essential self, allowing what may be a distraction to my presence and wellbeing to fall away. In the dance there is room for me to just be.

Lisa is currently teaching                                                                                                               “Sacred Sundays – Embody your prayers and dedicate your dance.”

These classes are held every SECOND Sunday of the month.
Next class is January 14 at W&M Dance Projects,
9-4005 9ST SE
10am – 12pm
The intention of this class is to offer a moving space of dedication and prayer. This is a lightly facilitated Class that invites you to go within and feed yourself, readying you for the day and upcoming week. It also offers a space to dedicate our energy with intention to ourselves, people, places or whatever is in our hearts.
There will be an Alter that you may bring objects to, as well as paper and writing, materials to offer something written to the alter. Feel free to bring your journal.
The last half hour of each class will be dedicated to a witnessing practice followed by a closing circle.

For classes and information please contact Lisa-Marie:

Phone: 819-2583