Karen Senyk (Calgary)

Karen Senyk B.N.

It is exciting to be a facilitator of a playful and creative practice that allows for each participant to know themselves better, that is, who they are at the core.  It is from this place of awareness that growth and change can take place.  I believe that Core Connexion Transformational Arts has the potential to create good health and well-being for all!

Karen volunteers a monthly dance class at The Alzheimer Society of Calgary, Club 36, Bethany Harvest Hills.

Please contact Karen at 403-288-4980 or karensenyk@gmail.com



“I have participated in the program Core Connection with Karen Senyk and found it to be very exhilarating, fun, rewarding and envigorating. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in a positive personal experience. It is truly amazing!”


“With Karen’s facilitation of Core Connection dance, I enjoyed diversity in the music and opportunities to dance alone and interactively whilst continually being encouraged to stay attuned to my inner process.  In these sessions, I felt compassionate acceptance which assisted me in being authentic in expressing the impulses that arose.  I felt more connected to the place in me that knows what is needed to loosen blocks in the flow of life-energy in my body.  My vitality was enhanced in every session. Thank you so much!”