Barb Reid (Kelowna)

Barb’s classes in Kelowna:
Friday Nights 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Twice Monthly

Tuesday Mornings 11:00-12:00

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Irish Dance Studio, 1920 Kent Rd, Kelowna

What to expect from Core Connexion
An exercise class that’s playful not painful, in a place to move what you feel, free of judgment, dancing to an AMAZING variety of music!

Choreography-free, a place where you can follow my lead but are encouraged to simply move to the music and to your own emotions.

Feel the energy, let it move you, and connect through this moving meditation.

More fun than dancing in your kitchen!

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-Why do I teach Core Connexion dance?

Music calls me to move my body in order to fully express what I feel inside with movement instead of with words.

When I let the music inspire me and move me, I am open to a new experience of myself:
I feel that I am being danced into more aliveness and life.

The Core Connexion dance floor becomes a sanctuary where I know it is safe to express myself.

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Barb Reid  250-862-6091