Barb Reid’s – Core Connexion Classes in Kelowna BC

Held at the Irish Dance Studio,  1920 Kent Rd, Kelowna.

Friday Nights at 7:00 – 8:30 pm
(Twice Monthly – Click/Tap for the calendar and exact dates)

Tuesday Mornings at 11:00-12:00

Each class will begin with a grounding meditation followed by awareness of your own sensory experience and then movement.

You can dance as gently or as vigorously as you wish.  You are invited to come out to play; to move ideas, possibilities and feelings.

Writing and drawing are optional parts of this process.

Benefits of attending:  You will have FUN!

Please wear comfortable clothing and you can dance barefoot or wear clean shoes.
Please bring a water bottle.

 I look forward to sharing the dance floor with you.

Barb Reid   250-862-6091   or email at:

Core Connexion is a movement practice where we claim our aliveness and expand our movement repertoire.

Core Connexion practice honours our unique dance without judgment or concern for performance.

Core Connexion does not provide special steps to follow but rather music, images, qualities, rhythms and questions to play with and explore at your own pace.

Unstructured yet guided movement can inspire great awareness and insight into who we are and how we respond to the world around us.

We bring our attention and curiosity to our breath, physical sensations and movement.

This helps us to enter the present moment and feel joy in being alive and to connect with the unity of all life.

Core Connexion offers a playful way of reconnecting with the natural life force within us.

This practice is designed to release the Dancer and Artist in every Body!

These classes are designed for any body type and fitness level, no previous experience is required.

The Benefits of Core Connexion classes include:

– learning new movements
– learning to ground & centre your energy
– connecting to your body’s wisdom through movement and expression
– rediscovering the best in yourself
– playing!

Recent quotes from participants:

“Dance, exercise & meditation all in one”
“Drop my mind and experience bliss!”
“Fun, Delight, Joy”

For more information please contact me:
Barb Reid   250-862-6091   or email at: