At the Core of every Body is the Dance!

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Core Connexion is a movement practice which explores the wealth of creative energy available in our body. Movement arises from sensations within your body and the only steps to follow are your own. This practice is an opportunity to move free of judgement and performance.

Core Connexion facilitators guide dancers with music, themes, art and imagery designed to inspire awareness and insight into who you are and how you respond to the world around you. Classes and workshops are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Previous experience is not required.

Dance is our medicine,
Movement is our meditation,
The community is our resource,
The practice is our refuge.
At the Core of every Body is the Dance!

Eva Vigran (M.A. in Somatic Psychology) is the founder and artistic director of Core Connexion Transfomational Arts(R). Please see www.coreconnexion.net

Core Connexion is based on a variety of disciplines such as dance, authentic movement, martial arts, creative expression and meditation.

Upcoming Workshops with Eva Vigran MA Psych. Founder of Core Connexion: 

REFUGE – Movement – Stillness – Presence

October 28 – 30th, 2016

W&M Physical Theatre  located at: 4005 9 St SE, Calgary, AB

Early sign up & pay until Oct. 1, 16: $220 (CC Grads $200), after $240 (CCG $220)


Core Connexion invites us to go inward and connect to the sensation of our aliveness: ground, breath, body, movement and space. From here we embark on a journey which invites movement as well as stillness.  Mindful and bodyful we dive deeply into the NOW. This space of presence becomes a refuge where we can allow ourselves to be exactly who and how we are.  We can realign ourselves, invite clarity and spiral inwards towards the essence at our core.

Imporant note: The next Certification training is also launching over this workshop. If you are interested in partcipating in the next training. Please find more information under “Training” here.

Info & registration: Nadia Van Doren